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music-sharing [Apr. 2nd, 2011|03:27 am]
A Marui Bunta Community


So I uploaded Taisetsuna hito he (I know it's easy to find, really, but I like having my own stuff at one place), I thought I'd share it.

And since everyone here is interested in Bunta, I'll add that I've also uploaded one of his seiyuu's singles Te no Hira/Kimi to... is there as well. (Personally I love Kimi to... It's very pretty.) He got a lovely voice, you know~ And is quite the popular singer. :)

[They're both here.]

[User Picture]From: tezzino
2011-10-04 06:53 am (UTC)
Are you a member of oh my godis and it won't work? Or do you mean a member of applebubblegum? Because it's supposed to be visible to everyone who's a member of oh my godis. *hmmmms*
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