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A Marui Bunta Community

A Marui Bunta Community
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welcome to the neighbourhood

In the vast digital wasteland you search, desperate for the shining star of all fandoms. You wade through pages of interests, searched and then, suddenly, you find it: the grail
That sounds lame, senpai. Why don't you just say it's a community dedicated to Marui-senpai and leave it at that?
I was trying to be poetic, Akaya. Marui, being a tensai, appreciates poetry.
Whatever, senpai. These people just want to drool, squee, and make Marui fanworks. They don't care about your poetry, senpai.
You are forgetting important information.
Fukubuchou, they know the rules. The rules are the same everywhere, and they're boring.
Renji, the list.
Rule number one: Be nice.
Rule number two: No pairing bashing.
That means Marui-senpai can sleep with whomever he wants, right senpai?
Rule number three: Join the community if you want to post.

No no, go back to the pairing thing, senpai.

Akaya, it's time for your nap.

Rule number four: Be nice.

It's important.

About Marui

As the resident expert on all things Marui-sama, I will introduce you to him.
We play doubles. I'm the expert.
You missed his birthday last year, so obviously you're not an expert. Marui-sama's birthday is April 20th. Any fan knows that.
I was out of town!
Your denial is boring.
Jackal-senpai, what's the sleepy Hyoutei kid doing here?
I'm telling everyone about Marui-sama. Height 164cm. Weight 62kg. Blood type B.
Blood type B? No wonder he's got so much energy.
The energy helps with his serve and volley style of play.
Jackal, Akaya, if Sanada sees you slacking off he's going to be upset.
Marui-sama never slacks off, unlike these guys. He has the most sugoi move, the Tsunawateri, where the ball walks along the net. I tried it once, but it was too hard. He completely defeated me with it at the Newcomer Tournament our first year!
It doesn't take much to defeat you, and Marui-senpai's Techuu-ate is much cooler. It takes a lot of precision to hit the pole like that.
The skills are achieved quite simply, if you care to observe Marui's play style for a while. He is right handed and uses a Wilson Triad 3115 racquet. The racquet gives him maximum support for the move.
This is boring information. You're his teammate and all you can talk about is his racquet? How about his hobbies! They're so cool!
He just goes around town eating at hotel buffets. What's so cool about that?
He's building maximum energy for minimum cost!
You're weird Hyoutei-kun.
Marui's Wilson Cross Fire DST 02 tennis shoes provide maximum supportfor his arches, allowing him to move quickly across the court.
I don’t think they care about his shoes, Renji.
His favorite color is red, like my eyes!
Your eyes are green.
Look again, Hyoutei-kun.
Kirihara, the rules.
Right. "Be nice." Whatever.
Marui-sama lives with his parents and his two younger brothers. I've never met them, but I bet they're hyper tensai, just like Marui-sama.
I'm betting on hyper.
Jackal-senpai. Rules.
They're important. Now everyone, back to practice! And you, no trespassing!